With your gift to The World Was Made For You.

The World Was Made For You is focused on creating a positive impact through education.

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Our Mission

We are a non-profit designed to open doors for all children based on the belief that no child’s imagination should go unexplored. By promoting literacy, supporting educational programs, building libraries, and supplying high quality books to underserved communities, we encourage kids to dream big. Curiosity is the seed of a full and successful life and we aspire to nurture that seed. That’s why we chose the name:

The World Was Made For You.

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Why Support?

Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to make our education programs available to all students who can benefit from them—anywhere in the world. We rely on generous people like you to donate the time and money that makes our work possible to serve youth, especially students with fewer opportunities to participate in high quality, affordable extended learning programs.

Annual giving

Annual donor support helps us cover critical ongoing operational costs. These funds may be distributed to current students in need, or targeted to help future students. The annual giving fund is built on regular contributions of any amount to help offset the cost of a Cool Smart Kid educational experience.